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Savvatiano Papagianakou

(Its made from estates over 60 years old. Shiny golden color. It has an elegant combination from senses of citrus fruits. Pleasant acidity. It goes well with mediterranean tastes, fish, seafood and white meat.) 20,00€

Malagouzia Papagianakou

(Fine wine, with a goldenyellow color and exotic fruits smells. Balance in taste and well-formed and floral aftertaste. It goes will with seafood or chicken while its exotic, floral essance can be combined with fruits.) 22,00€

Vivlia Chora

(Intense fruit smell, which will remind you exotic fruits,peaches and citrus fruits. Pleasant acidity and an aromatic aftertaste.) 27,00€

Samaropetra mr. giannis – loc. Florinas

(Roditis-Sauvignon Blanc, fruit character, medium acidity, pleasant at mouth) 28,00€

Ktima Avantis, Evoia

(Viognier-Asyrtiko, intense fresh fruit character with a high fresh acidity) 22,00€

Paragka mr. giannis – loc. Florinas

(roditis-malagouzia crispy, fresh with essance of citrus fruits at smell, great acidity  with a round ending) 22,00€

Savvatiano Papagiannakou

for one, 5,00€

Caramelo  for one , 5,00€